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Flyerline Schweiz AG – Truly Swiss

Founded in 2002, Flyerline Schweiz AG is one of the largest online print shops and employs around 70 people. It became a subsidiary of Elco AG in Brugg in May 2016 and thus forms part of the international Wipf Group. The grand opening of the first Flyerline store in Constance in September 2013 marked the company's expansion to Germany.

All the strings are pulled at the company's headquarters in Altnau, Switzerland. Every day, specialists from the areas of product development, graphics and production work hand in hand to sell the company's 135,000+ customers not just a simple printed product, rather a customised service that perfectly meets their needs.

Focus on customers

Good service starts with appreciation. That's why at Flyerline, each and every customer receives exactly the same attention. We place great importance on personal communication and answer questions about masters or the right way to prepare data with the same care and professionalism as we handle enquiries regarding customised products and developments. Our customers are more than welcome to stop by Flyerline. A visit to our premises will give you an opportunity to meet your personal contact and gain first-hand experience with Flyerline's corporate culture. Because we value close cooperation and partnership and also because we want to understand our customers and their needs. Only then will we be able to develop products that arouse emotions.  Only then will we succeed in pinpointing economically viable alternatives and optimising entire processes. We're only satisfied if our customers are thrilled.

Printing pioneer known for its ingenuity

Nearly nothing is impossible. What sets Flyerline apart from most other print shops is the company's extremely wide range of production options and materials combined with the outstanding expertise and creativity of our specialists. We start where others stop. We don't think in terms of products rather that of entire product cycles, and that mindset helps us come up with sustainable innovations that garner international acclaim. In 2016, Flyerline won the People's Choice Award at the FESPA in Amsterdam where it was named Large Format Printer of the Year.

Flyerliners love their jobs

Employees take top priority at Flyerline because their skills, expertise and commitment are pivotal to the quality of our work. Employee development activities that take the form of further education, training and the “Flyerline-Stifti”, Flyerline's job rotation programme, ensure that our employees possess an above-average level of expertise and also provide an inspirational working environment where the element of fun isn't neglected, either. 

Truly Swiss

Flyerline is truly Swiss. And because of that, we are cutting our own path yet again. We want to make a statement and are doing so with our own label that serves not only as a seal of origin, but also conveys an attitude. We don't haggle about mandatory minimum requirements so that we can carry this label, rather we exemplify our true nature: Truly Swiss. All of our products are produced in Switzerland. We purchase machines and materials from Swiss suppliers and our logistics partner is Swiss Post. We call Thurgau home. And it's from here that we supply our products to customers throughout Switzerland and Europe. Our regional roots are extremely important to us. We are a major employer and a company licensed to take on trainees. We support regional associations and institutions and embrace our social responsibility by making targeted, long-term commitments within the region.