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Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
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Display Plinth for Hand Sanitiser 450 x 500 mm

Prominently position hand sanitiser

Several safety precautions need to be observed when dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Flyerline offers a practical display plinth for hand sanitiser. The integrated topper employs simple pictograms to explain the proper use of hand sanitiser. The top of the plinth offers ample space for a bottle/dispenser of hand sanitiser. The material (foamcore board) is easy to wipe clean.


  • Format: 450 x 500 x 1450 mm (L/W/H)
  • Topper with simple pictograms
  • Large surface
  • Can be ordered in quantities of just one or more

Prominently position the display plinth for hand sanitiser in an entryway

Display plinths for hand sanitiser are ideal for in the entrances of all kinds of public facilities, restaurants, companies, supermarkets, etc.


Display plinths for hand sanitiser measure 450 x 500 x 1450 mm. The surface is approx. 450 x 500 mm in size.

Sturdy, high-quality material

The display plinth is made of 15 mm foamcore board (Stadur) and is easy to clean.


Display plinths for hand sanitiser can be ordered in quantities of one or more. If you’re interested in placing a special large-scale order, please send us an enquiry detailing your request. We would be happy to prepare a quote for you.