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All-weather Posters® - a Flyerline original

Perfectly staged outdoor advertising – with Flyerline’s All-weather Posters®!

Your outdoor advertising works. And it works particularly well if your message still looks vibrant and fresh, even weeks later.

Flyerline's All-weather Posters® are the perfect way to get your message across in any weather - in wind, rain, snow or sun. Their brilliant printed image, light weight and extreme stability are sure to impress. All-weather Posters® can easily be reused multiple times.

Freeform All-weather Posters® from Flyerline are the perfect advertising medium for long-term advertising campaigns and posters intended for recurring use. Why? Because neither sun nor rain, snow nor wind can damage these high-quality posters. Even after weeks of use, your message will still look vibrant and fresh.

Each All-weather Poster® is produced using 3 mm corrugated plastic. All-weather Posters® come equipped with 6 to 10 punched holes to ensure simple, individual mounting on street lights, fences, gates, masts, etc.

Printing method
All-weather Posters® are printed in four colours using state-of-the-art UV digital printing technology. UV printing technology guarantees a vivid printed image and long-lasting colour.

All-weather Posters® are available in DIN A1, DIN A0, B1 and F4 formats as well as an XL format (1,400 x 600 mm). If you are interested in ordering formats other than these, please contact our Customer Centre. We would be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

Print runs
All-weather Posters® can be ordered with print runs of any size, from just one copy up to large-scale runs. If you are interested in print runs other than those listed, please contact our Customer Centre. We would be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

Lead time
2 - 7 business days (the anticipated shipping date will be displayed after you select the print run)

Possible uses
Outdoor advertising along streets Can be mounted on street lights, fences, posts, etc. by means of zip ties (not included in delivery).

Campaign advertising and for elections
Parking space advertising
Outdoor advertising in regions with winter sports
POS advertising
Trade fairs