Flyerline - more than just an online printer

A fiendishly good story


It’s the year 2013AD. The whole of Switzerland is being supplied by conventional printing shops. The whole of Switzerland? No! In the north-eastern most corner of Switzerland, in Altnau am Bodensee to be precise, there is a printing shop that’s different.

In less than 13 years, we managed to convince more than 125'000 Swiss customers that we are more than just an ordinary online printing shop. We did this by growing together with the needs of our customers. We did not just provide them with an ever-expanding standard product range, we also meet unusual special requests, without compromising on quality.

As the name suggests, we began with printing flyers, posters and business cards. New products were added all the time, and today at we also offer postcards, brochures, large size posters, canvas, photo gifts and much more. We use digital printing, and sheet offset and web offset printing. But for us, www also means: we want way more. And so in addition to our standard product range, we also produce almost anything our customers ask for.

Because: We are 80 seasoned pros who know what they’re doing, who are happy to apply pressure for you. From 2013 also in Germany and Austria.

With fiendish wishes,

Steffen Tomasi
Managing director Flyerline


At Flyerline, online does not mean that you can’t reach us by phone. It means that we will deal with your print job as efficiently and cheaply as possible. No matter where you are, or where the printing material has to go to.

Our pros look after you personally, from the time the order is placed to delivery. There is a specialist behind each process, who will make the best out of your printer’s copy and will help you with anything you need. Online or in person over the phone.

Our promise to you: the Flyerline hotline is attended to personally by our own staff.


We are always ready for printing, because our flexibility is designed to make life easier for you. This means that at Flyerline, we don’t have fixed days for printing. We respond to your offer and even work through the night for you if necessary.

What’s more, our commitment to our customers goes beyond merely printing your templates, because with regard to quality and price, we do our very best for you. It comes as no surprise then that when it comes to special prints, we stand out from the market.

Would you like your print materials to be delivered to you or would you like to pick them up yourself? It’s your call. We also routinely deal with customs formalities for shipments abroad.

Our motto: At Flyerline the customer is King.


The transparency of our order processing is unique on the market. You can be sure that there won’t be any hidden costs or other nasty surprises. But even if there are changes to our usual pricing then you will find out about them before we start.

It goes without saying that your print materials will get to you in time and in excellent conditions.

You may ask yourself: perhaps our prices are as low as they are at the expense of the environment. Well, let us reassure you: we place great importance on preserving our natural resources, from purchasing our print materials to waste management.

Every day, we strive to offer you services that you can’t find anywhere else. Especially at this price.


Quality is not an outcome, it is an attitude. At Flyerline, you can feel this wherever you look. From the simple placing of an order, the transparent and professional processing of the order, the outstanding print results, in-time and perfect delivery all the way to handling payments.

And of course quality has its price, which luckily is particularly favourable at Flyerline. And that’s because from the outset we have dealt with as many processes as possible over the Internet and continually optimised them. We don’t for instance have to make a separate note of orders once you have placed them. And we have no need for an expensive sales force travelling round Switzerland. And we save ourselves many a telephone inquiry from customers, because each customer order follows our tried-and-tested process.

Our mission: All of our offers hit the mark when it comes to price, service and quality.