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Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Landstrasse 30
8595 Altnau, CH
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Reindeer Rocker

Reindeer rocker – innovative proprietary development by Flyerline

What, you’ve never sat on a reindeer rocker made of cardboard? Flyerline's creative Product Development department makes nearly anything possible. Whether as a toy for children, a fun decoration during Christmas or simply because you love reindeer – this out-of-the-ordinary product has many uses. 

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 390 mm
  • Printed in 4 colours (CMYK)
  • Printed on both sides
  • Can be ordered in quantities of just one or more

Reindeer Rockers – an idea that was born in Flyerline’s Product Development department

Thanks to our in-house Product Development Department and the know-how of our product developers, we’re able to satisfy nearly every customer need using a wide range of materials. With ideas running the gamut from simple to unusual, we find just the right solution for each and every customer.

Our reindeer rocker is yet another of the innovative proprietary products developed by Flyerline Schweiz AG. The reindeer rocker can be used as a toy or fun decorative element, either at home or a point of sale. 

Dimensions of the reindeer rocker

The reindeer rocker measures 120 x 120 x 390 mm.

Number of sides printed

Reindeer rockers are printed on both sides.


Flyerline Schweiz AG prints using the CMYK 4-colour model (also referred to as Euroscale). Any spot or RGB colours contained in the files will be converted to CMYK.

Sturdy, high-quality material

The reindeer rocker is made of 3 mm EE-flute (corrugated) cardboard,

Print runs

Reindeer rockers can be ordered in quantities starting at one. If you’re interested in a special print run, please send us an enquiry detailing your request. We would be happy to prepare a quote for you.