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Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Landstrasse 30
8595 Altnau, CH
+41 71 686 84 70

Totem for POS

Totems, also referred to as elliptical totem displays, are the perfect advertising medium for high-footfall locations like points of sale where customers are sure to see them. Their unique, gently rounded shape lends these displays their special, exclusive flair while also offering added stability. They’re perfect for use in eye-catching advertising campaigns.

Sturdy and special

POS totems are made of robust corrugated cardboard. Made of impressively robust material and featuring sturdy construction, they’re also extremely lightweight, which simplifies their transport considerably. 

At trade fairs, events and any POS

Elliptical totem displays are the perfect advertising media for use at points of sale, events and presentations. Their unique shape helps them attract attention so your message reaches your target group lets you stand out from the crowd. Elliptical totem displays are suitable for promotional purposes such as:

  • Points of sale
  • Trade fairs
  • Events
  • Direction signs
  • Shop windows
  • General seasonal decorations