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Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Landstrasse 30
8595 Altnau, CH
+41 71 686 84 70

Wall Pictures - Faux Canvas Print - Textured

Print high-quality images on faux canvas

Have your favourite image or company logo printed on premium, textured faux canvas. We use a material called “Kapa Tex” for these prints. Kapa Tex is special in that its surface is embossed with a faux canvas texture to lend your pictures the same exclusive look and feel as a traditional canvas print. The frame comes with four punched holes so you can hang your picture on the wall with ease, either horizontally or vertically. Textured faux canvas prints offer lasting beauty that needs no readjusting over time. Plus, since they’re printed on such lightweight material, they can even be mounted on problematic walls without any difficulty. Faux canvas prints are available in different formats.

  • Various formats
  • Faux canvas prints are printed in 4 colours (CMYK)
  • 1-sided
  • Can be ordered in quantities of just one or more
  • CH Produkt Slider Bild Wandbild Leinenstruktur Bild1
  • CH Produkt Slider Bild Wandbild Leinenstruktur Bild2
  • CH Produkt Slider Bild Wandbild Leinenstruktur Bild3
  • CH Produkt Slider Bild Wandbild Leinenstruktur Bild4

Faux canvas prints as attractive decorative elements or signs

Textured faux canvas prints from Flyerline Schweiz AG are a clever alternative to traditional canvas prints. Do you have a digital photo you’d like to immortalise as an elegant faux canvas print or are you planning to prominently position your new logo on the wall of your company’s lobby? Regardless of where or for what purpose they’re used, these faux canvas prints offer an impressively brilliant print image and are sure to liven up the walls of your home or business. 


Our online shop has faux canvas prints in many different sizes. These formats are currently available for order through our online shop:

  • 40 x 40 cm
  • 60 x 40 cm
  • 40 x 80 cm
  • 80 x 60 cm
  • 40 x 130 cm
  • 100 x 70 cm

If you don’t see the format you need here, please send us an enquiry detailing your request. We would be happy to prepare a quote.

Number of sides printed

Textured faux canvas prints are only printed on one side.


Flyerline Schweiz AG prints using the CMYK 4-colour model (also referred to as Euroscale). Any spot or RGB colours contained in the files will be converted to CMYK.


Our textured faux canvas prints are printed on 5 mm Kapa Tex. The surface of Kapa Tex is embossed to lend it a canvas-like texture so it looks like a traditional canvas print.

Print runs

Textured faux canvas prints can be ordered in quantities of just one or more. If you’re interested in a special print run, please send us an enquiry. We would be happy to prepare a quote for you.