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Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
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Pizza boxes

Custom printed pizza boxes offer a unique way to showcase your brand, business or event in a creative and engaging way. Whether you own a restaurant or delivery service looking to impress guests, a business looking to increase brand awareness or someone planning an event, a custom printed pizza box can convey diverse messages and add value to you and your target audience. Custom printed pizza boxes can also increase the recognition value of a company. Whether the print is only with the logo of the restaurant, with current offers or partner contributions, nothing stands in the way of the variety of ideas.


These pizza boxes are available in the following formats:

  • 30 x 30 x 4 cm
  • 32 x 32 x 4 cm
  • 33 x 33 x 4 cm
  • 40 x 40 x 4 cm
  • 50 x 50 x 4 cm
  • 16 x 27 x 7 cm (calzone)

For other formats, such as the open format, please refer to the data sheet.


The pizza boxes 30 x 30 cm can be ordered in two different materials:

  • 1.5mm E-flute white/white uncoated
  • E-flute Food-Grade GZ Pure White laminated

Both materials are high quality printed with certified water-based ink, which is approved for indirect food contact. Both materials are 100% recyclable.

The special food-grade cardboard (E-flute Food-Grade PZ Pure White laminated) is specially coated so that no liquid or grease residue can leak through the cardboard.