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Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
Flyerline Schweiz AG
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Large posters

Have promotional posters printed by the number one online print shop in Switzerland. Large posters are the perfect advertising medium for effective outdoor advertising and can be used at poster sites, on high-frequency streets, in pedestrian zones or for car park advertising. You can have every standard format printed at Flyerline: F4 posters, F12 posters, F24 posters and F200 posters. Order your large posters from Flyerline and take advantage of the lowest prices in Switzerland.

Large. Colourful. Affordable. We’ll print your poster.

Regardless of whether you need a single poster or are looking to launch a large-scale advertising campaign, at Flyerline you can order all large-format advertising posters in print runs ranging from just one copy up to large print runs. And that at the lowest prices in Switzerland.

Formats and locations of large posters

In the large posters category you will find the standard F formats. With a format of 895 x 1280 mm, the F4 format is the smallest in this category and is also known as the world format. It is only printed in portrait format for APG campaigns and can be found in particular in pedestrian zones such as shopping centres, city centres and airports. The F12 format measures 2685 x 1280 mm and is used on busy streets, car parks or railway stations. F24 measures 2685 x 2560 mm and is almost square. It is used outdoors at highly frequented top locations. The F200 measures 1165 x 1700 mm and is used in urban regions, at bus stops and squares as well as along major roads and in railway stations.

Smaller formats such as A-format posters can be found in our posters section.

Different papers and applications

Large posters can be ordered in several different types of paper. Which one you should choose depends on your poster’s format and purpose. One thing you can count on is that all paper types are FSC-certified.

All four large posters are produced on 115 g/m2 billboard paper (blueback) suitable for flyposting at poster sites.

F200 posters (also known as city light posters) and F12 posters are additionally available as backlit posters for use at selected backlit poster sites. The illumination makes these posters stand out and guarantees their promotional impact 24/7. A 150 g/m2 illustration printing paper with a matt finish is used for backlit posters.

Large posters for an enormous promotional impact

The large posters are suitable for the standard poster sites of APG/SGA and all other providers.. These providers play a key role in spreading your promotional messages and ensure that your posters are put in strategic locations where they’re sure to achieve maximum visibility and impact.

These promotional posters can also be used for a wide range of different purposes, including in expressive election campaigns, at trade fairs and events, at points of sale, for car park advertising, as film posters and much more!

With large-format posters, you’re sure to attract attention and they make conveying your message to a wide audience both simple and inexpensive.