All-weather Posters®


Outdoor advertising works. And it works particularly well if the advertising message still looks vibrant and fresh several weeks later.

All-weather Posters®, a registered trademark of Flyerline Schweiz AG, have already been put to successful use for elections, referendums, events, concerts and on countless other occasions.

All-weather Posters® are produced using 3 mm corrugated plastic boards and digitally printed with UV-resistant ink. This blend of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art ink technology lets us produce long-lasting advertisements for indoor and outdoor use that are also 100% recyclable. All-weather Posters® offer solid advantages over paper posters: Offering an impressively brilliant printed image, long life, weather resistance and sturdiness while simultaneously remaining extremely lightweight, these posters come ready for use and do not have to be glued to a backing first.


Flyerline's product range comprises all standard formats, All-weather Posters® as a freeform product as well as folded signs that are specifically designed for real estate or POS advertising. All products can be ordered in print runs starting at just one copy.

For easy installation using cable ties, standard-format All-weather Posters® come equipped with six to ten pre-punched mounting holes that can be popped out if needed. Flyerline also offers high-quality frame systems and customer stoppers for posters in DIN A1 format.

We produce freeform products individually in accordance with your template. Regardless of whether you need oversized products, lifelike cut-outs of people or geometric shapes.

Folded signs offer all the advantages of All-weather Posters® in a three-dimensional shape. Since they are produced with special adhesive dots, they are ready for use on delivery. The adhesive dots stick to all common surfaces like glass, metal and masonry and can be removed residue-free.

Did you know? Flyerline also uses corrugated plastic boards to produce life-sized standees, flyer dispensers, counter cards, packages, collection bins and many other creative products. 



Once their deployment as advertising media is over, Flyerline gives All-weather Posters® a new purpose: An environmentally friendly upcycling process is used to transform them into exclusive SlabUp designer furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Optionally, Flyerline can also create furniture for customers using posters from their own campaigns.