Flyerline Switzerland values customer satisfaction!

Quality and customer satisfaction are a vital part of our corporate philosophy.  Not only do we live and love quality, but we constantly strive to improve it, as well. 

If you ever have any reason to submit a complaint regarding one of your orders, we guarantee that your concerns will be investigated both carefully and swiftly. We also view every complaint as an opportunity! 

Use the form below to tell us about your complaint. To guarantee that your complaint can be handled correctly from the very start, we ask that you please fill in the entire online form and tell us why you are dissatisfied.

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Please also keep the following in mind:

Deadline for complaints
The deadline for submitting complaints is 10 days following delivery. Unfortunately, any complaints submitted after this deadline cannot be considered.

Colour variations
Colour variations are still possible despite our use of state-of-the-art printing machines, quality assurance measures and process monitoring. The final print result depends on a variety of different factors such as paper texture, temperature, humidity, the direction of movement, the surface of the material and many others. This means that a certain tolerance range applies to colours and that small deviations do not constitute grounds for a complaint.

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In the case of printed products, please remember to send another ten copies by post.

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