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Collection Bin for Disposable Gloves, 60 Litres

Safe disposable glove disposal

Disposable gloves offer effective protection against viruses and bacteria and are currently being used not only in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, but also by private individuals. This widespread use raises the question of the best way to dispose of them. These collection bins for disposable gloves feature an eye-catching design and topper to ensure that disposable gloves are disposed of there rather than letting them overwhelm regular rubbish bins. Standard bin bags fit in the bins, as well.

  • Format: 385 x 385 x 827 mm
  • Ready-made design
  • Volume of 60 L
  • 1-sided
  • Available in quantities of one or more

Collection bins for disposable gloves are also available with volumes of 35 litres and 110 litres.

Collection bins for disposable gloves can be used anywhere

Collection bins for disposable gloves, 60 litres, can be set up anywhere – in doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, laboratories and public facilities. Made of a waterproof material, these bins can be used both indoors and outdoors. The 60-litre collection bin is one of the smallest in our range.


Collection bins for disposable gloves, 60 litres, measure 385 x 385 x 827 mm.

Number of sides printed

Our collection bins for disposable gloves, 60 litres, are printed on just one side.


Collection bins are printed across their entire surface area in the four-colour process known as CMYK (also called Euroscale). 

High-quality, recyclable material

These collection bins are made using 3 mm corrugated plastic. When no longer needed, they can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way through the recycling system.


Collection bins can be ordered in quantities of one or more.