Can I order products that are not available in the standard product range?

Yes. Flyerline is able to offer almost any print product.  If a product, which you want, is not in the standard product range, please submit a request via the contact form. Our sales team would be happy to make you an offer.

Do I have to register to order from Flyerline?

Yes, because it results in many benefits. The order process is more comfortable and safe and you can also revert to former orders.

Does Flyerline really print in Switzerland?

Yes. Flyerline produces on more than 5000 m² and three levels of production in digital and offset printing at the company's headquarters in Altnau (TG). Access to a wide range of machinery and state-of-the-art newest technologies enable high-quality printed matter in every print run under consideration of the highest ecological standards.

How environmentally friendly is production?

Flyerline attaches great importance to environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources in selecting new machines. You can obtain more information in the Environmental Protection section.

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you've forgotten your password, you have the option of requesting a new password by clicking on “I've forgotten my login details” in the login area. You will then receive an e-mail containing a unique system password that you can use to log in and define a new password.

What are Flyerline's delivery times?

Delivery times vary depending on the product. We always try to produce and deliver your printed materials as quickly as possible. We normally require 2-5 working days. For some products, we offer a shortened production time with the "Express" order option.

How should I send my print data?

Ideally, you send us a print file with a resolution of 300 dpi in CMYK (color profile Euroscale ISO coated v3) color mode and with a trim of 3 mm. The data formats .pdfx1, .pdfx3 and .pdfx4 as well as .tiff and .jpg image files are optimum.

You can obtain detailed information in "Tips for data delivery". The document is available as download together with the respective product specifications.

What do 4/0 and 4/4 mean?

4/0-color means: printed four-color on one side (full color)
4/4-color means: printed four-color on both sides (full color)

Can I also send Office files to Flyerline?

Yes. However, because Office files cannot can be printed, we charge a conversion fee of CHF 25 per file.

What is CMYK?

Cyan, magenta, and yellow are the colors of subtractive color mixing. Black (K) is added because pure black cannot be created from the primary colors. CMYK is the color space necessary for printing. All print templates are converted into CMYK files if they are not already supplied as such.

My file is in RGB mode; is that also possible?

Yes. We convert these data into CMYK. This can result in slight color variations, especially with very bright colors, because we do not know the original colors and RGB documents look different on each screen.

What is trim?

A bleed is the area which is over and above the style format. This is required, because the press machines operate with a certain tolerance and paper can change during the printing process. Please add a 3mm bleed to each side.

What is the difference between offset and digital printing?

Digital printing
The peculiarity of digital printing is the exposure of each individual page, so that each successive print can be different. This is especially interesting for variable data records (e.g., personalized mailings) and small runs. 

Offset printing
Offset printing is the conventional printing processes. Printing plates are exposed, which print each sheet of paper equally in a printing machine with high speed.

Can I have Flyerline send me a PROOF?

Yes. By request we will be pleased to send you an „approval to print“. We kindly ask you to note this in your order form.
Basically, you can choose between two types:

PDF per e-mail: for free.
Proof by post: Depending on print format between 39.- and 49.- CHF.

What is looked at during the data check?

Our printing professionals manually check each file according to the following criteria:

  •     correct file format (PDF, jpg, eps, tiff)
  •     adequate resolution for printing
  •     correct document format incl. bleed
  •     correct number of pages
  •     that all fonts are embedded
  •     defective or password-protected data
  •     automatic conversion to CMYK if provided in a different colour space (except products printed in special colours)
  •     colour shifts that could arise through the conversion of print data to the CMYK colour space
  •     tolerance ranges: to ensure that there is enough space between design elements and the edge of the product, the folded edge, grooves and hole punches, etc.
  •     correct overprint settings
  •     correctly indicated cuting paths
  •     fold type and position for folded flyers
  •     correct sequence if page numbers are used

If our data check reveals that the print data contain errors, you will be sent an e-mail notification with a description of the error. Your order will be put on hold until we receive corrected print data or you have granted us print approval. Error-free print data go directly into production; you are not notified of this unless you ordered a proof.

What does the ordering option 'Freeform' mean?

With Freeform offers, you have the possibility to order freely selectable forms and figures within a format. They are cut out along the defined cut line (form line). The cut line must be created in the print file. You can obtain additional information in the specifications of the respective product.

Can I change a subject within the selected print run?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. You order a stand-alone product, for which the data handling and the plate exposure are each invoiced once. For example, if you order 5000 flyers, then these are produced on combined forms. All flyers with a print run of 5000 copies are "combined" there; the plate is exposed once and then printed 5000 times. A change of subject in this case means the production of new printing plates.

How will my order be sent and how high are the shipping fees?

Products are shipped quickly, reliably and safely through our logistics partner, Swiss Post. Flyerline offers free delivery on orders of CHF 100.00 or more. We charge a CHF 15.00 fee for shipping and handling on any orders under CHF 100.00. In line with our firm belief in transparency, Flyerline has no hidden costs. The shipping and handling fee will be displayed in your shopping cart before you confirm your order. You’ve got the possibility to ship the goods to different delivery addresses. Please use the box «comment» to note additional addresses. We will charge you CHF 20.- for any additional address.

Can I complain about my products if something has gone wrong?

Quality and customer satisfaction are part of our philosophy. We live and love quality and continually strive to improve it. Should there nevertheless be reason for a complaint, we guarantee careful checking of your issue. You can send us your request using the complaint form. Please fill out the form completely and follow the instructions.

Will Flyerline sponsor my event?

Flyerline receives hundreds of sponsorship requests every year. Unfortunately we are unable give a positive response to every request we receive for financial support or product donations. In order to maximise the benefits of our charitable activities, we plan long-term commitments and support a large number of social, cultural and athletic projects. No other activities are currently planned.

In an effort to provide an option for a portion of those inquiries we receive, we offer subsidised flyers in our online shop, referred to as special flyers. You have the option of purchasing these flyers at a heavily reduced price and we, in exchange, will use the back of the flyers for advertising.

We also recommend subscribing to the Flyerline newsletter. That way you can find out about regular sales and take advantage of the special prices offered.