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You need to manage both your time and your budget carefully if you want to make sure your election campaign is a success. We would be happy to help with products that are carefully geared toward your election campaign, on-demand production and an extensive package of services that we can put together to meet your precise needs.

Your message will be staged perfectly on election materials from Flyerline!


Successful election campaign

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Flyerline offers just the right materials to help you with your election campaign, initiative or referendum. Every single one of the products we offer is produced exclusively in Switzerland!


Your message - our election materials

We offer you a high-end range of products for your election campaign and also guarantee you an extremely high level of flexibility plus service and support that covers everything from start to finish.

Head shot posters

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These posters help boost candidates’ recognition factor and gain voters’ confidence. It comes as no surprise that head shot posters are by far the most common type of posters used in election campaigns. With that in mind, make sure you focus on quality and variety. We offer campaign posters in every possible format and made of a variety of different materials. All posters are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and are produced in compliance with the highest-possible environmental standards. How about a round poster, for example? Order now

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The choice to use ECO Outdoor Posters is also a choice in favour of conducting a sustainable, environmentally friendly election campaign. These posters are produced using up to 60 percent recycled materials and can be disposed of with the rest of the waste paper when no longer needed. Thanks to the unique fibre-construction technology used in its production, this material absorbs very little moisture. Order now

Folded flyers and brochures

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These are the perfect way to introduce candidates and present their election platforms. Flyerline offers all conventional formats, several different weights and print runs both large and small. Order now

Postcards, counter cards and coasters

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Simple and professional. Sending personalised postcards to your voters is a cinch. Counter cards are effective eye-catchers at mobile election campaign events. Why not use coasters at a political event? At Flyerline, you can get coasters in a variety of formats and materials with print runs starting at just 25 copies. Order now

Wall picture or pinboard

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Wall pictures make a lovely gift for donors and supporters and can also be used as pinboards. They ensure that the emotions and images of the campaign remain vivid long after the election has ended. Order now

Order now - online shop

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Click here to go straight to the campaign materials in our online shop. We wish you the best of luck with your election campaign!


Quick, reliable and printed in Switzerland!

We would be happy to help you prepare your print data, handle all the shipping details and prepare a customised quote for your entire election campaign.

Please don’t hesitate to call us on +49 (0) 71 686 84 70 between the hours of 8 am to noon and 1 to 5 pm every Monday through Friday.

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