Great news for sponsors: we’ve added clap banners to our product range

Whether it’s a sporting or other large event: clap banners make your company’s advertising be heard.

Helvetia does it. Flyerline too. Sports sponsorship has become commonplace in many marketing departments. And regardless of whether the commitment is entered into with clubs large or small, sponsors expect something in return that will help them reach their own communication goals.

Clap banners are an ideal advertising medium - the perfect way to show support for your own club and its spectators while also calling attention to your own products and services.

At Flyerline, you can order fan clappers from the online shop in print runs ranging from 100 to 10,000 copies. Clap banners are produced in a 440 x 320 mm format which means they have ample space for club emblems, logos, contact information and much more.

To guarantee their durability and volume, Flyerline prints clap banners on premium 350 g/m2 illustration paper and laminates them with either a glossy or matt-finish film.

Ready in a flash: Simply fold the clapper along the scored lines, just like a fan, and hit it against the palm of your hand.

Liven up the stadium:

500 clap banners, delivered ready for action, are available starting at just CHF 516.00.