ECO Outdoor Poster

Embrace sustainability with ECO Outdoor Posters.

We now deliver All-weather Posters in 100% FSC®-certified cardboard.


We are proud to announce that we are the first online print shop in Switzerland able to print and deliver ECO Outdoor Posters for use as sustainable outdoor advertising. Made of 100% FSC®-certified cardboard, the properties of these posters are simply outstanding. We tested the posters under different conceivable weather condition over a four-month period. The results were excellent. Sun, wind, rain and even the summer heat are no match for these posters. Their lightfastness is unbelievable – printed images remain vivid, even months later.

They can be put to a wide range of different uses. In outdoor advertising, ECO Outdoor Posters ensure that you can convey your message using sustainable media, which also lends you a more nature-friendly image at the same time. After all, 100% FSC® certification combined with the ability to fully recycle the poster as waste paper/cardboard lets you send a message that you care about nature and the world’s limited resources. Set an example.

ECO Outdoor Posters are produced using weather-resistant, 960 g/m2 FSC®-certified cardboard. ECO Outdoor Posters come equipped with 6 to 10 punched holes to ensure simple, individual mounting on street lights, fences, gates, posts, etc.