Nomination for Printer of the Year

Founder and CEO Steffen Tomasi has been nominated for «Printer of the Year 2018».

Which printers can boast extraordinary achievements in the printing industry in 2018? Which print shops have pulled off an impressive performance in the categories of “Innovation” and “Sustainability”? And which manufacturer launched a new product in 2018, a product that met a real need in the printing industry?

For the first time, the editorial staff of the “Druck & Medien” trade magazine is looking for the “Printer of the Year” in a total of five different categories. And Steffen Tomasi has made the list. His inclusion among the ten nominees is no accident. He is the mastermind working behind the scenes of Flyerline and an individual who never tires of reinventing the online print shop business model. He develops new products and services under the “printed in Switzerland” label, particularly in the areas of LFP and digital services, holds several patents and, together with Flyerline, has already been named “LFP Printer of the Year” and received the prestigious “People’s Choice Award” at the FESPA.