Sammelbox.ch - recycling for private households

Whether you want to collect PET bottles, aluminium cans, plastic or paper: we help you make the world a bit cleaner. And beautify your waste sorting area at the same time.

Switzerland is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to the collection and recycling of raw materials. In fact, the volume of sorted waste collected has tripled over the past 25 years. Of course a person’s own benefits are a big motivator, like saving on the cost of waste disposal. After all, recycling is work: Materials have to be collected, sorted and then taken to the appropriate collection point. The containers people have at home detract from the quality of their living conditions, occupy a lot of space and are usually fairly unaesthetic.

Are you looking for an attractive waste sorting system for at home? Discover sammelbox.ch. On sammelbox.ch, Flyerline offers practical collection bins made of corrugated plastic boards that come in many formats to meet many different needs, are easy to transport and simple to clean. The product range includes everything from 35-litre collection bins with a seat to 60- and 110-litre collection bins, from practical folding transport boxes to 400-litre waste containers for event organisers and professional recycling companies.

These plastic collection bins can be printed with any of a number of cool designs or custom printed with your choice of image. Unprinted collection bins are ideal for children to decorate themselves with felt-tip pens.

Plastic collection bins are produced using 3 mm corrugated plastic boards and digitally printed with UV-resistant ink. These corrugated plastic boards are made of polypropylene using an environmentally friendly process and are 100% recyclable. The durable material is waterproof, washable, resistant against mould and bacteria and is both impressively sturdy and lightweight.