Customer reviews

Sabina C.
The flyers we ordered last week just arrived. We had requested “delivery as quickly as possible” and that’s what they did. Thank you very much for the speedy delivery. You do a great job and the quality is unbeatable! Thank you again for your efforts!

Pia R.
My first order… extremely simple and straightforward. THANKS!

Elisabeth H.
Thank you very much for the friendly help on the phone.

Martina K.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service, quick delivery of our order and the excellent quality of your products.
We wish we would have discovered earlier.

Silvia W.
As always, thanks for the fantastic cooperation and quick delivery!

Eric A.
ust a quick note to thank you for the postcards we ordered in January. We were extremely satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the order. Also, whenever I called for information I was greeted warmly and received just the right advice.

Joachim S.
I would like to thank you for all the effort you put into my order and for the super business cards. They arrived yesterday and were exactly as I had wanted them to be. Perfect.

Remo K.
Thanks for rapidly processing my order and for the great job you made of it! I agree with the printing proofs and will now give the go-ahead for the order.

Flavio L.
Thanks for the great service. I'm really happy that someone checked the data before it went to print. I am pretty sure you will be hearing from me again in future. Great job!

Alex L.
We are very happy with Flyerline and will use you exclusively to print all of our hotel brochures in future. Thanks for the good service and good price!

Florian R.
I recently sent you the below order. When the parcel arrived I was surprised that both orders were in the same parcel and I actually wanted to complain that you had charged me twice for the postage although you had only sent one parcel. But when I checked my credit card I saw that you had only charged me once. That's what I call service! Unfortunately, it's more the exception than the rule these days. Thanks a lot. I am very happy with the products and also with the fact that you always deliver on time, which is something that I very much appreciate.

Susanne Z.
Wow, once again service of the finest!! The flyers were already waiting for me in front of the door tonight!! Thanks a lot!!

Bobi S.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the super fast service that I have come to appreciate with every order!!! Keep up the good work!

Natalie B.
TOP quality at TOP prices! As always. Thanks a lot!

Dieter A.
The brochures I ordered have just arrived right on time. I would like to thank everyone involved for the fast processing of the entire order. Everything went really smoothly!

Reto Z.
The printed materials arrived this morning by express post. Everything in order; super quality work! Thanks a lot :-)

Marcel R.
I have ordered a few things from Flyerline in recent weeks. And today I can definitely say that you are reliable and go the extra mile. I received a delivery today that I had actually not expected to get till the end of the week as there were no express deliveries today. Your staff did everything in their power to ensure that the delivery, which I need for a trade fair, would get to me today. Perfect service. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.

Tina M.
Just like last time – perfect dear Flyerline team. I'm really happy!!

Susanne Z.
Thanks a lot for your effort and for being so accommodating!!! You provide a really great service. I've signed off the printing proofs. All the best!

Sabine F.
Dear printers and layouters – I am really impressed with how my invitations turned out. I get the biggest of compliments every day. Keep up the good work and once again thanks for everything.

Hello Mrs. V.,

I really want to say thank you fort he great service, it was brilliant. Perfect advice, excellent quality and a real quick delivery period.

I wish you a nice weekend.

Helene V.

Hello Mr. W.,

You are my hero- you made my day! I recieved the flyers just now and the corrections are done! Thank you so much. Merry christmas and a happy new year.

Until soon, best wishes André J

Thank you so much for the quick order process. There are still high quality and customer friendly companies in switzerland.

Warm regards

Karin K.

I recieved the postcards today. Thank you so much. I am enthusiastic about the quality.

Iris K.