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Collection Bin Stool

Stool and storage bin in one

Get your home or office organised with this practical 35 L stool storage bin. Stool storage bins made of premium corrugated plastic are extremely robust and have a reinforced lid to offer 2-in-1 functionality: both as a storage box and place to sit. The storage box comes with a lid and features a slot and tab design that guarantees effortless, tool-free assembly. Instructions are provided in the lid.


  • Volume of 35 litres
  • Stool storage bins are printed in 4 colours (CMYK)
  • 1-sided
  • Available in quantities of one or more
  • CH Produkt Slider Bild Sammelbox Hocker ohne Einwurf Bild1
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Collection bins that can be put to many different uses

Small rooms feel cluttered pretty quickly and offer very little storage space. Our 35 L stool storage bin with a reinforced lid is the perfect solution whenever space is tight: It not only provides space for storing toys and other objects, but can also be used as a modern place to sit. Printed with your custom artwork, it’s sure to blend in perfectly with your surroundings. Other uses:

  • PET collection bins or rubbish bins
  • Toy bins for nursery schools, elementary schools and children’s rooms
  • Casual stool for the office


Stool storage bins measure 385 x 385 x 432 mm.

Number of sides printed

Stool storage bins are printed in 4 colours (CMYK). Please keep in mind that any spot and RGB colours contained in the print files will be converted into the CMYK colour space.


Storage bins are printed across their entire surface area in the four-colour process known as CMYK (also called Euroscale). 

Sturdy, high-quality material

These storage bins are manufactured using 3 mm corrugated plastic. When no longer needed, they can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way through the recycling system.

Print runs

Stool storage bins can be ordered in print runs of one or more. If you don’t see the print run you need, please send us an e-mail detailing your request. We would be happy to prepare a quote for you.

Professional design assistance: We’ll design your stool storage bin

Need help with the design and layout of your stool storage bin? Our professional graphics department will be happy to help you out. Contact us directly to discuss your individual needs.