Election campaign materials

Get your message across perfectly with election campaign materials from Flyerline!

Flyerline offers you perfect materials for your election campaign, popular initiative or ballot.
All the products we offer are produced exclusively in Switzerland!

ECO Outdoor Posters

ECO Outdoor Posters from Flyerline are perfect for anybody seeking to embrace the concepts of sustainability and awareness with respect to our natural resources. A 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable advertising medium that withstands wind, rain, snow and sun with ease. Ideal for sustainable advertising messages.

Small Posters
Order small posters in A4, A3 and MINIMAX formats from Flyerline at low prices and with free shipping! The posters are printed on state-of-the-art machines and meet the highest quality and environmental standards. All posters are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Order posters in formats A2, A2+, A1, B1 and A0 at low cost and delivered free of charge from Flyerline! The posters are printed in high quality on state-of-the-art machines and in compliance with the most stringent environmental standards. All posters are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Large-scale posters (APG)
Get your large-scale posters for your campaigns for APG, SGA or Clear Channel printed by Flyerline at low cost and in high quality! Flyerline will print your posters using state-of-the-art printing machines using digital and offset printing processes. We use cutting-edge technology, always taking due account of the environment.

All-weather poster®
Your outdoor advertising perfectly orchestrated using the all-weather poster® from Flyerline!

Outdoor advertising works. And what is particularly attractive is when your campaign slogans still look fresh and bright a few weeks down the line. Flyerline's all-weather posters® are the perfect advertising media that withstand wind, rain, snow and sun. Their appeal lies in their superb print image, lightweight material and extreme stability. The all-weather poster® can easily be used over and over.

RailPosters / RailMidiPosters
Flyerline offers RailPosters and RailMidiPosters for your successful
advertising campaign in SBB trains.

RailPosters and RailMidiPosters are printed on FSC®-certified 240 g/m²
Incada Silk chromo-sulfate board using a digital printing process

Folded signs
Folded signs by Flyerline are superbly suited to advertising property sales or lets or to draw people's attention to attractive special offers. The signs are printed in high quality on hollow boards and delivered ready to hang. They are equipped with adhesive points made out of double-sided mounting tape to enable them to be affixed to a wall. They stick to all the usual smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, brickwork and a lot of other surfaces besides. They can be removed without leaving any residue and pass the toughest of tests thanks to their excellent bonding properties even during the most extreme weather conditions.

Flyerline offers tarpaulins and banners in many different sizes. They are printed on 510 g/m2 Frontlit (PVC) by modern digital printers. During the final stage of production, metal grommets are inserted about every 50 cm along the edge of the tarpaulin to allow for easy hanging.

Customer stopper including 2 posters
The double-sided customer stopper for posters in DIN A1 format is ideal for advertising in pedestrian zones or for placing on the pavement. The frame is simple to use, offers the maximum of safety and, thanks to its built-in wheels, is easy to transport. The foot element can be filled with sand or water. You can place simple paper posters and all-weather posters® in the Stopper model. You receive with your delivery two additional transparent plastic sheets with which to protect your paper posters.

Frame systems for all-weather posters®
Flyerline's patented frame systems have been developed and designed for hanging up all-weather posters® . 

From Flyerline you can order flyers in various formats and print runs that can be printed on all types of materials!

Flyer Dispensers
Order customised flyer dispensers for DIN A6, DIN long or DIN A5 formats that are printed to match your flyer order.

STAFIX® flyers, posters and FREEFORM
Get your advertising message across in a special and exclusive way! You can attach STAFIX® material to virtually any kind of surface such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, drywalls, bricks, stone etc.
All you need is a clean and smooth surface.

Folded flyers
You can get folded flyers in various formats and designs from Flyerline. Whether with one, two, three or four panels or with four, six, eight or twelve pages!

Flyerline produces high-quality postcards printed at sensationally low prices. The postcards are printed in four colours (on one or both sides) on 300g/m2 gallery image chromo board. The material is coated on one side and the reverse side is superbly suited for writing on.

Business cards
Play your cards right with Flyerline business cards! Various designs and formats.

Not just for hotels! Doorhangers are great for advertising campaigns, services and products or for use as original invitations, vouchers or admission tickets. The possibilities are endless!

Re-Board® Furniture
Individually designable furniture made of Re-Board®.
Re-Board® is a lightweight, paper-based sandwich cardboard. Re-Board® materials can be printed individually and are produced using both sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods.
Our standard range of products includes: podiums, counters, bistro tables and barstools, lounge tables and chairs, lounge benches and stools, backless benches, A-boards and children's furniture.