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STAFIX is a new, innovative material for a special and exclusive advertising performance!

STAFIX adheres to almost any surface like glass, wood, metall, plastic, drywall, brick, stone and lots more. The smoother the surface the better Stafix sticks.

STAFIX posters and flyers are available in the following sizes: DIN A6, DIN A5, DIN A4, DIN A3, DIN A2, DIN A1.

It is produced single-sided with the latest technologies in digital printing.

STAFIX is delivered on a 210g/m2 carrier material ready to peel off. A static charge stored inside the film enables stafix to adhere.

Flyerline offers STAFIX in two different versions: white or transparent.

Stafix is 100% recyclable. It can be easily removed an repositioned!

Flyer marketing, Point-of-Sale advertising, temporary labels, indoor- and outdoor-activities.