The smart upcycling concept for furniture made out of all-weather posters

SlabUp designer furniture with winter flair

We are presenting an absolute world first with the idea of using old posters to produce unique designer furniture in an upcycling process!


More than two years ago Flyerline successfully launched its all-weather poster on the market. The poster made of synthetic material that can be put to numerous uses and is available in various sizes has become extremely popular and is used for all types of external advertising campaigns. Flyerline has developed the idea further and puts the all-weather poster to an entirely new use after it has been used in an advertising campaign: the posters are made into personalised and high-quality designer furniture for use indoors and outdoors and the different pieces of individual furniture can be put to a whole range of diverse uses.


The elaborate and yet so simple connection technology keeps the cut-out sheets perfectly in position. The connection elements are available in different trendy colours. Upcycling – made easy: we guarantee all customers who order all-weather posters from Flyerline a fixed price when they return them to us. We go on to use them to create unusual SlabUp furniture. Use this unique concept for your marketing campaign! Offer your customers, friends or business partners designer furniture from your campaign.

Choose your favourite. Whether "standard" with white external surfaces or "individual" with the motif of your choice - each designer item is unique.


SlabUp Tschiller


Chill out whether indoors or outdoors, in the office or @home – the Tschiller lets you do this in a particularly relaxing way. An attractive and unusual design gives this piece of furniture a very special touch. Can be combined with SlabUp Shorty and SlabUp Lowboad.

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SlabUp Native


Down to earth and original. The SlabUpNative is where the entire idea started and stands out not only by virtue of its design but also through its lack of pretension. The SlabUp Native can be used for many years and always keeps its shape.

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SlabUp Tschilly


SlabUp Tschilly is SlabUp Tschiller's little brother and designed with kids in mind. Robust and versatile, Tschilly is a highlight in every kid's bedroom.

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SlabUp Balance


Lean back and find your centre and you will see how really relaxed you can find your balance on SlabUp Balance. Pure relaxation no matter whether you are in the office or at home – the SlabUp Balance will put you under its spell!

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SlabUp Shorty


Of simple yet interesting design, SlabUp Shorty can be put to many different uses. Whether as a stool, table or simply for storage – SlabUp Shorty is an eye-catcher!

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SlabUp Lowboard


The SlabUp Lowboard is the perfect accompaniment to SlabUp Native as a lounge table but can also be used as a seat.

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SlabUp Swingin' Duck

SlabUp_Swingin Duck

We are sure that not only our kids will have fun with SlabUp Swingin' Duck! Of unique design and perfection, it goes without saying that this piece of furniture was also designed with safety in mind.

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SlabUp Connect

We are offering you a one-time sustainable marketing concept: SlabUp Connect.

Sustainable, original, environmentally friendly and unique. Have your posters for your next outside advertising campaign printed at Flyerline in the form of all-weather posters. After you have finished with them you can return them to us for upcycling into unique SlabUp designer furniture. You can then offer this furniture to your customers, partners or friends or of course use them in your office. It goes without saying that we discuss your selection of the designer furniture to be produced with you in advance. Simply get in contact with us. We would be pleased to draw up a sustainable marketing concept together with you.